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TerraNeo - parameter handling, initialization, radial profiles

Nils Kohl requested to merge kohl/tn-parameter-handling into master

This MR is a continuation of !712 (closed) (and !707 (closed) which is a subset of !712 (closed)).

The MR rebases and refactors what has been implemented in !712 (closed).


  • parameter handling for the TN app
  • radial profile computation
  • IO for radial profiles
  • temperature initialization functions

Major edits compared to !712 (closed):

  • refactored temperature initialization functions (now just a "library" of functions that create lambdas for interpolate())
  • refactored the radial profile tool (much more efficient as all relevant values are computed in a single loop, free your functions)
  • refactored parameter IO (using json with better error handling, no more global variables, etc.)
Edited by Nils Kohl

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