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Jinja2 3.0 compatibility

Michael Kuron requested to merge jinja2 into master

Some of the CI jobs install jinja2 via pip and thus use the recently-released jinja2 3.0.0. in !452 (merged), we are thus seeing

File "/builds/walberla/walberla/python/pystencils_walberla/", line 111, in get_code
    true_branch_code = do_indent(true_branch_code, width=4, indentfirst=True)
TypeError: do_indent() got an unexpected keyword argument 'indentfirst'

indentfirst has been deprecated sind 2.10 three years ago and was removed in 3.0.0, see Its usage was introduced into Walberla by @da15siwa in !446 (merged) two weeks ago.

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